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The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom traces its ancestry through Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew the first Bishop in Great Britain and through Utrecht, and the Apostolic Succession of its bishops can be traced with certainty, bishop by bishop, to the early Middle Ages, beyond which the records of all branches of the Universal Church (Catholic and Orthodox) become very vague, but since the Universal Church traces its succession to Apostolic times we can say the same.  This means that our priest's orders are valid and the sacraments they offer are genuine and valid sacraments which help those receiving them to holiness.

We differ from most Churches in that our priests are unpaid, but have to make their own provision for receiving stipend.  They emulate the Apostles and early believers to receive  payment for the good works they do.  Priests minister within their diocesan geographical areas, but if called upon will minister to all no matter where, without bias. 

The Provincial Cathedral and Priory Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Rugeley, Staffordshire, United Kingdom is based in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside and is a focal point for administration here in the UK and overseas.  Although we have many enquiries for Incardination from overseas, which we encourage.  A Provincial Mass is held on the first Sunday of every month at the Cathedral and all are encouraged to attend.  This instils a sense of unity, fellowship and belonging.  

The Province is divided into diocese and overseen by a Diocesan Bishop.  Priest's are encouraged to establish Mass Centres and report to the diocesan on a regular basis.

The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom is guided by a Provincial Council, which consists of the Metropolitan Archbishop, Bishop's and Senior Clergy from each diocese, so that a transparent leadership is maintained. 

The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom is not attached to Utrecht, for reasons stated in our canons, we lean more towards our Roman brothers in subscribing to an only male priesthood.  Priests can marry, celibacy is not an issue, but can be adopted if so desired.  The OCCUK is totally autonomous. 

The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom, being of Apostolic Succession is able to offer ordination to the priesthood to suitable men of high moral standard, and this priesthood is totally valid in Christ. 

The criteria is moderately stringent, requiring supportive statements, profile, evidence of qualifications (copies), interviews and training over a period of time.  Past churchmanship, education and experience is always taken into account and used as acquired prior learning, experience and training.


Bishop Arnold Harris Matthew the first Bishop of the Old Catholic Church in Great Britain

Metropolitan Archbishop
Most Rev'd John Lycett CJ MSBP (acc) D.D.
Midlands Diocese incorporating Wales, 
Cuba & Cameroon

Rt Rev'd Geoffrey S Robinson CJ SBStJ D.D.
Northern Diocese incorporating Scotland, India, Chile & Brazil.

Diocese of India
The Rt Rev'd Daniyelu Konduri

Parish of the Holy Family, Santiago, Chile.
Superior of the Congregation:
Rev'd Fr Ernesto Jaime Edwardo Camilo Kandora.

OCCUK Missionary Diocese in Brazil
Rev'd Fr Antonio Silvino
Rev'd Fr Hector Angel Rios
Rev'd Fr Benedicto
Rev'd Fr Alexsander

Diocesan Bishop
Rt Rev'd Mike Ward CJ MSBP(acc) D.D.
Southern Diocese
Royal British Legion Chaplain, Greater London District

Greater London 
The Royal British Legion:    
Rt Rev'd  Mike Ward
(please click on link below)

Bishop for International Affairs 
and Ecumenical Relations
Right Rev'd John Leatherland CJ, D.D.

Royal British Legion Chaplain
Warwickshire District
Very Rev'd Canon Glyn Shipton CJ, MSBP (acc)

Bishop Emeritus  
The Most Rev'd Les Doughty MSBP(acc) D.D.

Secretary to the College of Bishop's
Reverend Mother Clare CJ(csf)  DSR

Sister Ruth CJ(csf)  BSc

Religious Orders:
The Congregation of the Companions of Jesus (please see vocations page for further information)

Ms Catherine Richardson LL.P
Lupton Fawcett Denison Till
Yorkshire House, East Parade,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5BD

Partners in Mission and Ministry

The Old Catholic Church 1870
Most Rev'd Andrew Angarita

The Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church
(Synod of the former Patriarchate of Alexandria)
Don Ioannis of Santa Catarina

Holy Catholic Church International
Archbishop Heyward Ewart

Eveque Catholique Roman Traditionnel, Cameron: Bishop Pierre Marie Mvondo

Small Apostolic Church Gallican
Rt Rev'd Rogerio Sidaoui, Bishop Primate

Monsignor +Charles Jerome Ndoutoumou Bidjo.  The Franciscan Missionaries, Third Order and his Clergy.

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